Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm photographing the Kegel family. My aim is simply to portray the family for who they are. In my artist statement I'll probably be including something about how I admire and appreciate the family and how they've played an important role in my life. Or maybe I just am interested in young families because I could be one some day. I suppose I'll know more soon.

I chose this picture because I like the image of her hands. I intend to use the hands as visual breaks in the sequence of the rest of the photos. Or maybe I'll just end up doing hand after all. Anyway, I thing the analogous color scheme, the composition, and the repetition of the two hands are what make the image a good one. The color isn't too overwhelming either because the neutral browns give the eye a bit of a break. The browns actually create leading lines to the hands too. Finally, the importance of this particular image of Siena's hands is that it's obvious she's young. Her favorite activity is climbing and she's very dependent on supporting herself as she goes. This photo represents her age and what she does with her hands the most.

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