Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This photo, while not necessarily an original idea, still appeals to me not only in the composition, but in the subject matter as well. This simple composition never seems to fail. With the focal point set just off-center with loads of repetition in the foreground as well as the middle-ground. This was the kind of photo that I longed to take but never could before I purchased the camera I am using for this class. Now, thanks to my dad and Valentine's Day, I can see and smell these flowers for a while despite the inclement weather outside.
Whenever I really examine something that God made and put on this earth, I am in awe of how detailed and intricate everything is. From eyelashes to mountains to pine needles, God's glory can be seen all around us. While there is such a complexity in how everything He created functions, there always seems to be a simple beauty in them as well. If God put that much love and effort into something that dies within a matter of days, how much more are we loved and cared for!

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