Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry, I was thinking about...

This image is interesting to me because there is so much going on in the image, but my eye keeps going back to her face. Part of the reason for this is the color of her shirt. The saturated blue stands out against the largely neutral tones of the background.
There is something so haunting in her expression. It seems as though I have caught her at a time in which she is in deep thought about something. She seems is gazing just past me and is so lost in her thought that she doesn't even seem to notice or care that I am present. It seems as though I have penetrated into her world without her even being aware of it.
Everyone that I have talked to lately has said the same thing... this semester is rough. I often find myself staring off without any notice of what is happening around me because of all the things running through my head. We are often so haunted by what is happening in our lives, and we sometimes don't realize that it shows. We are so caught up in what we are thinking about that we don't realize that others are still around and can see and read the haunting expression on our faces. Whether we want it to or not, what we feel shows to those around us.

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