Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If I had to take off in a getaway car, this would definitely be what I'd like to leave behind.

It has been snowing since yesterday evening. My roommate and I were walking back to Lindner late last night, smiling as we looked back to see that ours were the first pairs of footsteps left in the pure white. So much untouched snow. In chapel on Friday, we were called to consider the possible influence and importance that some of the people in the room might have down the road; that most people, when they stop in the middle of their grand adventures, pause to reflect on how they never would have placed themselves in the places they've been placed. Whether we are the first to do something, like leaving the footsteps, or whether we are simply trudgers-through-the-muddy-leftover-snow, I just hope I always remember to look back in wonder at the surprise of being in the place I am now.

In design, we learn just how important placement is. The close placement of the tire marks to the brick wall, along with the movement and depth they create in the photograph, are what cause this to be an engaging composition.

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