Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If it's not Baroque ...

These T-pins are smiling.

On Monday, during Art History, I looked over at the bulletin board, and someone had created a smiley face out of the pins. The lights were dimmed because of the projector, and everyone seemed to be just barely there in the darkness of the room. And then these pins were smiling at me.

The project we are currently working on involves exploration of light, and its use in portraiture. I silently rejoiced as I saw the bulletin board take on human characteristics, and simply loved how the directional light cast such interesting shadows. It challenged me, as this week began, to not only seek out an execution of effective portraiture through conventional means of depiction, but to really notice how one element, when manipulated, can completely shift the perception of what is being shown. This relates back to the article we recently read, and how crucial our choices are in photography.

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