Monday, March 1, 2010


As a photographer, I find myself comfortable behind the lens of my camera. There’s a certain vulnerability to allowing yourself to be photographed. My comfort level behind the camera far surpasses my comfort in front of the camera.

For this series I chose to develop a hybrid of traditional portraiture and traditional self-portraiture, the latter of which in my experience with photography is a highly underdeveloped craft.

By integrating myself into these portraits, I am reflecting the truth of the scene in which you are seeing. When looking at a portrait, you escape the reality you are seeing. You are presented with a portrait, and you accept it solely as so.

Through incorporation of my reflection in this series of portraits, I am revealing one of the most crucial details of the moment…myself. The scene in which you are used to seeing always includes the photographer taking the photograph, but always out of the frame. This is my way of presenting my own response to the image I am creating.

Corey Bienert

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  1. great portrait. more work needed on your artist statement. that will come with time though.