Tuesday, February 23, 2010


People just love their cars. I guess it depends on how much character their car has, though.

This is a picture of Chayah and Betsy. I believe this image really captures the feeling of excitement and uncontainable joy that one feels when they own something that supports their character so well. Chayah can be constantly seen in vibrant colors, and somehow her car just brings that out of her even further. I especially like the repeated square elements in this photograph, and the unity they bring.

I find myself wondering what it is that each of us owns, that we cling to, because of the manners in which it connects us with who our character is. The ultimate support for our character is Christ, yes - but, there are things we hold dear, and even hidden, sometimes, that just give us that strong sense of belonging, even if we choose not to show it. Perhaps letters, kept in a box, that are pulled out and read when there has been a day that just seems to destroy you. Maybe a piece of jewelry that somehow reminds you of what you're worth, or a song that you just can't seem to listen to enough times ... I think of people who use their car as a physical expression of figurative escape from the places of frustration that they're in - What helps us escape? How there is comfort in repetition ...

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