Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tired, but why? (other than homework)

This image is one of the ones that I took for the portraits project we are currently doing. It's been really interesting to see my process through this project because my ideas have definitely evolved and the outcome is completely different than what I thought it was going to be, but I like it so much better. I like the light and shadow that is created by the dramatic lighting and I especially enjoy the fact that her body language is so clear. She is tired and seems to almost be completely fed up with life at the moment I have captured her. Although the photos I am taking are completely contrived, there is a natural way about each of the people because they are in positions that they are normally in throughout a regular day. I enjoy the negative space around her as it allows a calmness and quietness to the photo.
This photo reminds me of what we all go through at different points in our lives. We all become tired of life and what we do. It makes me think about why exactly we keep doing the very things that make us so frustrated and drained. Are we so frustrated and drained because we care so much, or is it because what we are doing is not what we are meant to do? Is it not trusting in God that drains us so much? We want to be in control of so many things, but it ends up doing us so much harm, so then where does that leave us? I think getting so far down helps to re-evaluate what is happening in our lives, and to search for what is really important. Maybe the reason we all become so tired and drained from life is because we don't understand or realize that we need to rely on God and others to help us get through things that we cannot do ourselves. Maybe us trying to do everything and control situations in our lives is just alienating us and forcing us into this place that is so draining and lonely.

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