Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wanted to post a picture of my project, but I'm really not sure what my next move is for it. Wether it is going to Chicago and hopefully not get picked up for protesting Hershey's downtown. ;-) So I thought I would post a different picture while I brainstorm.

This is a picture of my younger brother, Andrew. He has gorgeous red hair, that I have been jealous of for years. He's also a skinny little kid, which I don't understand because he is always eating. Seems like whenever I take a candid of him at home, he is either eating something or getting into mischief. (He lives up to the stereotype of kids with red hair :)

I had to tone down his sweater some, because all of the red was so overwhelming. I used an attachable flash to get the softer light, and all the lines (the white counter and his fork) are all pointing/leading to his face. I also really like that he is actually looking into the frame of the camera. He is aware of the camera, and stopped what he was doing to look at it. For me, my favorite thing about photography, specifically candids, is being able to freeze a moment in time, capturing a person in their element. And here, Andrew, is well...Andrew. Eating and probably ready for some mischief.

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