Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I chose this photo because I thought there was an element of honestly in it. It's got the wrong composition (half/half) and it's overexposed. The subject is partially cropped out of the picture. But I think there is a sort of openness that comes through the camera when the photographer and subject know each other, and this girl is one of my closest friends. I think this openness is enhanced by the imperfection of the photograph. While there is a time and place for perfect composition and lighting, I find that it can be abrasively deceptive when I'd really like to get the truth of things. And the truth is that this is a strong, creative, driven woman meeting life (albeit imperfectly) on her own terms.

To ask what the meaning of the photograph is beyond myself or the subject is, in this case, cyclical thinking. She is worth being the point, and so she is the point. I think it's worth looking into some people's lives through photographs, with nothing meant outside of celebrating who they are.

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  1. but is this who she really is? or is it how you see her?