Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remember me, please.

The picture of the bulldozers is an awful picture. BUT - I have had these stickers since I was 10. I realized this fact as I used them over the weekend on a card. It struck me as very amusing, because --- I hold on to everything. I have this constant, insistent notion within me that pleads that I keep things as random as a sheet of truck stickers because I just might, maybe, perhaps, perchance need them someday sometime for something. And - as I proudly found a use for them, I realized that this notion is something important, and that it's actually something I cherish. Because of this, one of my collections came to mind.

I collect boxes.

I can't have them all with me here at Judson, but they are important because of the purpose they hold.

I keep things.

I have found more and more that, when things are held on to for a specific reason, it is somehow honored down the road, even if it happens to be many years later. This is also the case with learning. Many of the things we hear in class - regarding color or composition, or even an artist - we may think will never become necessary, and that we're mad for taking notes on it, or storing it in our mind because we think we already know it. But maybe that's why I keep things. I feel like they help me remember. They help me recall things that I thought I knew, but might just want to revisit someday.

I especially liked the composition of my first image. The negative space, I feel, is in a good proportion to the rest of the photograph, and there is balance created through the repetition of the triangular forms throughout the picture plane.

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