Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For now I'm leaving the title as "Untitled" because it's going to be a part of my portraits project but I haven't met the end yet and therefore I cannot name the beginning. Anyway, I'm doing portraiture on hands and faces, the relation between the two, and how the two tell a story of the person together. The lines of time and age show in both and yet they both represent two very different things sometimes. The face end up with lines that express the most frequent emotions a person experiences; the hand end up with the lines and wear that reflect what they've done. I think this sums up a person pretty well because life is only about emotions and actions.

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  1. If your project's concept is between the relationship between hands and faces, why did you choose a photo in which you cannot see the person's hand? How does this photograph show the "lines of time and age" if the picture is of a young adult?