Friday, March 26, 2010

oh, studio

I took this image at the end of Freshman year. Personally, this photo reminds me of what happened in the Design II class I was in... total craziness. I hated and loved that class at the same time. This is an image that makes me remember both of those times, as it's not possible for me to think about one without the other. I thought the forms and shapes created by the many models and drawings were really interesting and I also liked the repetition of the desk lamps. Overall, it is a warm image because of the yellow background, but there is a touch of coolness with the green cover on the desk and the blue light cast coming in through the window which is out of the frame to the right.
This image is interesting to me because it not only shows our process as artists and designers, but it also shows what we poured our lives into just to have them sit on random desks for most of the time. The project was completed, and then we had these small evidences of that time in our life that suddenly became just objects that we made and no longer need. We tend to pour ourselves into various projects or tasks that consume us for so long, but then eventually become almost worthless as we move on to other things. What we hold as important one day could be worthless the next depending on how we feel or what someone says. I want my work to impact someone because without that goal, I wouldn't be a designer, but most of all, what we make should glorify God and should speak to His glory whether people recognize it or not. We can't create things that will last forever. All we can do it use what God has given us to try to communicate who He is. Our creations are like us, flawed and temporary, but if we let Him, He can shine the brightest through the most imperfect of people and things.

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