Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Juggling Normal

This is not normal.

But it is.

The other day I found out that a friend of mine juggles. Another of my friends, I just discovered, speaks Russian. Still another is a twin. One of the guys in studio really likes to cook, and another guy loves to dance hip hop and salsa. One friend sings randomly with her sister when she gets home.

I love that we have these vibrant aspects of our personality that go unnoticed, simply because they are not "normal" things that come up in everyday conversation. I am really captivated by the use of color in photographs. I find it to be such a fascinating challenge when one is incredibly intentional with it. Also, the broken line of the ankle in this image creates an interesting compositional tension.

The above image is my "normal."

What is yours? :)

1 comment:

  1. Really great image. Color is really intentional. I like that.

    I'm really into sustainable gardening. Using parts of food we would normally throw away as compost to grow more food. ie. banana peals, egg shells, coffee grounds...etc.