Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Since it is midterms, I thought I would post a picture of
someone studying/working on a project.

Now, usually when I think of studio, I think of hard work and the craziness that comes with it. (Think back to Design freshman year) However, as intense as studio can be, it is also pretty awesome. There is plenty of community and usually if you ask someone will be able to help you out. I liked this picture of Rebecca, because just one minute before, she had been intently working on her sculpture, but then someone came in the room. It wasn't long before they were talking about projects. I think our program has an excellent sense of community and it manifests itself through this image.
However, take a major like, say youth ministry. Sure, there is teamwork involved in class (and definitely once out of college). But in homework? What do business majors and psychology majors do for homework? Papers and tests. Not much community in that.

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