Thursday, April 15, 2010


I took this image in a neighborhood with very expensive and big houses. They were all very massive in visual weight and are well taken care of. While there were some houses in this neighborhood that had gaudy lawn ornaments or half-dead plants, this house doesn't have any kitsch decorations or much of anything that would show character. It seems, well, normal.
This doesn't make the viewers' jobs easy to make up stories about the residents because there is less to communicate the kind of person who lives there, but the part of the image that I enjoy the most is the open curtains on the first floor. We can't see anything definitive through the opening, but it shows an openness and welcome despite the other closed blinds. I'd like to think that room is where they spend most of their time, but then again, maybe the least.
Many people put on airs to appear welcoming or open when they still have huge brick walls up in their lives. As much as we want to be open, sometimes we still stay behind the glass windows of the house we have built for ourselves and never really open up. Normally the reasons I put them up isn't because I don't want to talk to people, but just because I'm scared of confrontation, hurt, or just letting someone in enough to give them a chance to hurt me. That might seem like akin of stretch from an image of the front of a house, but what we do, how we look, and how we interact with others are all indicators to others about who we are. We shouldn't change for this fact, but I think it's interesting to think about how other make assumptions about us and we make assumptions about others often without even thinking about how we are judging them based upon very superficial things. Whether accurate or not, we make up stories about people and their lives by the outside appearance.

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