Wednesday, April 7, 2010


For my final assignment I've been toying with a few ideas: portraits (in studio or in a common surrounding), family/those I love dearly (their different faces I see or just straight portraits), clouds, and various portraits of Josh (from the straight portrait to the portrait of his ear). It's a mess really, but I'm just shooting them all and seeing which one pulls to the front in the end. None of the projects are solely for photography, between methods and critique, photo II, and outside of school work I hope to develop them further. For photo II I will end up choosing what I'm able to complete in the amount of time allotted to me.

I chose this image in particular because this face of his is a loving one that I love seeing. Also, one of my favorite parts about my dad's face are the smile wrinkles on the outsides of his eyes. The image also showcases his eyes, which are a brilliant blue. I often think I can see Jesus in his eyes.

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