Friday, April 23, 2010


Over the past semester my photos have varied quite a bit. One of my favorite things has been to improve the quality of my pictures and learn how to create a complete project. In photos classes I've taken before, I've never really kept my projects together or done anything with them. This semester, I've taken my projects more personally and realistically. I think of them as art projects and not simply photographs. After changing my approach, I realized how much I really enjoy photography and what you can do with it.
For my final project, I've constructed a photo book covered in lace and ribbon. My photos are all scenes of what you could call my 'fantasy world', where I basically got to direct any photos I wanted to take. The finished product will be like a hand crafted book of my dreams.
Instead of finishing the project, getting graded, and putting the photos in a box to store in my basement, I will now have a project to be proud of. Whether I leave the book on a coffee table in my house to be looked at often, or put it on the shelf as a decoration, it is a project that others can look through and get a glimpse of my style of photography and life.

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