Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've been taking a series of photos like this, with more to come, as a fun experiment and to convey a message. I spend a semester in Uganda last spring and learned that rather than being consumed by the family and friends around us, American's seem to be consumed and motivated by money. Maybe it's not even just money, but there is always that "diamond" in sight that we're striving so hard for that we forget the loved ones around us. In Africa, they have nothing compared to us, and they're definitely happier and more content. They don't need anything more, and we think we do. Their primary motivation is family and friends.

This project has been a real study of a persons face, intimately working with a person (a couple hours of staring at their face), learning how different people react to what I'm doing, and to get an abstract example of what I've been feeling.

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