Sunday, January 31, 2010

I chose this image because of the movement and repetition present within the composition. Since the focus is a compilation of many of the same form, it starts to create another shape entirely other than the shape of the individual straws themselves. It shows that even though there can be smaller elements that have variation within them, together they can create a completely different emphasis point.
This image is important because it shows that when the many of the same kind are put together, the dynamics and focus change. The same is true with people. While you may act the same no matter who you are around, the dynamics of a group change depending on who is there and how many there are. Together, objects can make more of an impact. Together, people can inspire and make a bigger difference. Together, we can become more than what we are as individuals.


  1. Rebecca, I LOVE this image!! And especially paired with the second paragraph. It adds so much more meaning to it. Keep up the great work!! :-)

  2. Rebecca,
    Your reflection about this image is really nice.