Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Ordinary Subjects

I chose this photo because it makes the viewer curious as to what the subject is at first glance. The contrast of shapes and values helps to create interest within the reflective surfaces. While all the surfaces appear relatively smooth, the focal point has a sharper shape in contrast to the larger shape that is closer to the lens. There is also a very obvious lack of color so that the viewer is forced to think about the shapes in a very stark and cool environment.
This photo is important beyond myself and the subject matter in that it shows that while we make assumptions as to what an object looks like, there is a great deal more detail and contrast than we often realize. We assume that when we see something, we can understand it in a quick glance, but we often just make rushed judgments about it that may or may not be correct. This can be true with more than just objects; we make assumptions about people in the same way. We glance at someone and often rush to snap judgments about what kind of person they are. This photo calls the viewer to look closer and consider what is taken for granted all around us.

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