Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am not entirely sure why I chose this image. I think it is because the tree looks like it's cradling the light in the crook of its branch, making something really tough and grizzled more nurturing. I also think the texture, when it's taken out of context of the entire tree, looks more exuberant than gnarled and rough. It reminds me of a landscape in and of itself.

This could mean several different things to different people. To me, it signifies that the world is made up of abstract forms. They meld together to make "landscapes" or "portraits" or "interiors", but ultimately it's just our mind that makes the connections between shapes and colors, and ultimately our mind is fallible. God could have taken these exact same visual elements and made a completely different world. Getting closer to the abstract elements helps me pick them apart. Nothing is stable and nothing is "real" other than the Element behind the elements. Hanging onto nature for it's simplicity and intrinsic value is like chasing the wind.

How's that for psychobabble?

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  1. I totally thought this was a rock. I really like the textures, it really is an interesting image because of the way it moves the eye around and because of the repetition of the bumps of bark.