Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Hope Nobody Noticed

I slipped on this ice.

I had never fallen flat on my face because of ice before --- so the battle scars evidenced in a pair of snagged tights and a Scooby Doo band-aid (courtesy of Cindy) on Monday morning gave me a strange sort of joy. I am entranced by the fact that weather, as over-talked about and over-cliche as it is, affects everything and everyone. People's moods are altered because of it, as are their actions, as can be their feelings and thoughts.

This particular photograph shows the amazing rhythm created through something that people see as painful, obnoxious, and a nuisance. Ice is always where you least need it, least want it, and least expect it. I think we, as photographers (especially in the project we are currently working on) have the challenge of capturing things that have wedged themselves into places where they are least noticed, least needed, least wanted, and least expected. Imagine how much beauty there is out there - in details - wedged into the places that we least expect - that we have not seen yet, but have the privilege of looking for. I felt that this photograph strongly evidenced this fact.

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  1. Alessandra, this was awesome! Thanks so much for the inspiration. You obviously have a good grip on this project. Keep up the good work! :-)