Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So I absolutely adore this girl. This is my 5 year old niece, soon to be 6, and I chose this image for a couple reasons. The first being the detail of her eyes. It's not entirely apparent in this size, but the larger size shows the intense detail of both her pupils as well as the light being reflected in her eyes. The second reason is her expression. To me, it seems a compilation of pain, discomfort, annoyance, and humor. I took this image during the off-day last Wednesday while she was on her way to rejoin the neighbor kids in enjoying the snow after a bathroom break. In the first image I shot, you can see an expression of joy and humor on her face. But as I kept her standing there in between our cars on the driveway in the cold and snow and not with the neighbor kids, her expression slowly morphed into one of "Uncle Keith, just let me go play!" Love this girl.


  1. The light in this image is really nice. I would be a better composition if it were in portrait format.