Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Most Important Walk of the Day

This is what I see every morning when I walk to breakfast. Most of the outdoor stairs on campus are generally pretty shotty in construction; every step is unique in height and length. It's usually pretty amusing to watch people walk up or down this staircase or the one outside the Science Building, because there's no comfortable rhythm and it just looks awkward. I've always really liked the the aesthetic of these stairs, though, as long as I'm not awkwardly walking up them, hoping nobody is watching.


  1. I enjoyed stopping, looking closely at this photo Mary. the narrowness, elongated stretch and lack of uniformity make looking at this photo and physically walking up the stairs a simple, eccentric type of pleasant. The cold, blue morning colors that you captured suit the mood and slightly dark character of the landscape. I also enjoy the distance and the choice to accentuate the contrasting snow and jagged wood.

  2. Just saying, this is like the hundredth time I have tried to comment on this photo. FINALLY WORKING!
    With that said, I really enjoy your photo. It really sends this relaxing feel to the viewer, personally to me because sometimes I find the most relaxing times to be early in the morning with a sort of dim lighting. Your lighting is perfect, it is creating this beautiful color. Not only am I intrigued by the feel of this photo, but I love the perspective of the stairs. Those look like they can go on FOREVER!