Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Freshman Year

Ironically, this photo reminded me of my freshman year Design Class. One of our first classes, we learned about the importance of the placement of a line. A line being off-centered and diagonal is a much more interesting photo than of a line centered and being placed perfectly vertical.
This, however, is not the only reason why I like this photo. I am a big fan of texture. The texture of the ground reminds me of the marks left from the bristles of a paintbrush on a canvas.


  1. I like how readily recognizable this image is and yet how strange the cropping and the textures make it look, meaning that when I think "parking lot" or "street" I don't picture these beautiful textures and values.

  2. I was not initially drawn to this image, but as I let my eye wander around a bit I grew to appreciate all of the different things that are working together so well: the cracks, the blobs, the paint, and the texture of the concrete really create an interesting abstract image.